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Xiamen stands on the south east coast of China and consists of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island and an area on the north bank of the Jiulong River. Xiaman Island is joined to the mainland by the Xiaman Bridge and the Gaoji Seawall, which virtually turns Xiamen Island into a peninsula. Its beautiful seascapes are a great attraction to those on Chinese vacations.

Xiamen has been a major seaport since ancient times due to its wide bay and deep water. Its name means a gate of China and it is classed as one of the top ten ports in China. It has a subtropical monsoon climate, with mainly mild weather except in the monsoon season. Xiamen was recently voted China`s cleanest city and is an ideal tourist destination with many interesting places and beautiful views to delight people on Chinese vacations.

Anyone on a Chinese tour to Xiamen will not want to miss a visit to the Nanputuo Temple, a Buddhist temple dating back to the Tang Dynasty and regarded as a national treasure. Xiamen`s Botanical Gardens are a nature lover`s paradise and a must for people on Chinese vacations. Xiamen is also a shoppers paradise, with the choice ranging from bright, modern department stores to rural night markets.


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